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Neighbourhood Plan

Under the Localism Act, local communities are able to take a much greater level of control of significant decisions affecting their area.  Since 2017, Bramley Parish Council has been working on a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish, which has legal force in planning.

This document follows a set structure nationally and allows Bramley to take greater control of what gets developed where in the parish, and how, to the year 2032.  It will also allow Bramley to have more influence with Waverley Borough Council.

Background to the Neighbourhood Plan project and what has been done to date.

Current status

Following all of the completed stages as detailed in the link above, Waverley issued a Decision Statement confirming that all the modifications proposed in the Independent Examiner's report have been accepted, the draft Bramley Neighbourhood Plan has been altered as a result of it and that the Plan could proceed to Referendum.  

The Referendum took place on Thursday 18th November in Bramley Village Hall.  All residents of the parish of Bramley who are on the Electoral Register were invited to vote on the Referendum by answering the question "Do you want Waverley Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Bramley to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?".  

The results of the Referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan and related documents can be accessed by clicking the links below. 

Following the positive referendum result on 18th November 2021, Waverley Borough Council decided to make the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2032 on 13th January 2022.