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Stone Barn Conversion

Bramley Parish Council is inviting tenders to convert its stone barn from storage space into a high-quality modern office space, which it intends to rent out to local businesses.

The Stone Barn sits adjacent to the Village Hall on Hall Road in Bramley.  It is a traditional barn built aroung the 18th century.  It has Bargate stone walls with brick reveals and a pitched timber roof with clay tiles.  Inside there is an original mezzanine floor which covers approximately a third of the internal floor space, and a makeshift floor covering the remaining space.  A survey on the condition of the building was conducted in September 2017, a copy of which is included below.

An application has been granted by Waverley Borough Council for the change of use and renovation of the property (see WA/2019/1344).  Copies of the application drawings are included below.

An Invitation to Tender for the conversion and refurbishment works was issued on 20th December 2019.  Bidders are invited to submit a tender for the works, the closing date for which is 31st January 2020.

The procurement is being conducted under the Crown Commercial Services Contracts Finder procedure.

Please see below for links to:

  • The Invitation to Tender document
  • Pricing Schedule
  • Survey of condition - September 2017
  • Planning application drawings - D1009-1, 2, 3C, 4B, 5, 6 & 7
  • Structural design drawings - October 2018
  • Waverley Borough Council Decision Notice for planning application reference WA/2019/1344
  • Letter from Surrey Wildlife Trust dated 3rd October 2019
  • Bat Survey Report from aLyne Ecology dated 10th July 2019

If you have any questions abour this Invitation to Tender, please email Kathy Victor, the Parish Clerk at [email protected].