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Bramley Parish Council

Background to Bramley Neighbourhood Plan

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

The Bramely Neighbourhood Plan puts forward sites with the potential to deliver the housing requirement for Bramley identified in the 2017 Housing Needs Survey for the Parish.  The Plan sets out what criteria will be used to assess planning applications for new housing and includes policies that will influence development, e.g. parking, what Bramley’s attitude will be towards, e.g. applications for new mobile phone masts.  It is a broad document that sets policies that will influence any and all development in Bramley until 2032.  Once agreed, and ultimately it has to be agreed through a referendum locally in which you will all have the opportunity to vote, it will have legal weight and will strongly influence planning in Bramley.

What has been done so far?

The first part of the consultation was the Housing Needs Survey to which many of you responded.  The Neighbourhood Plan Committee took that and other evidence documents such as the current Bramley Parish Plan and the Waverley Local Plan and has completed a DRAFT document for you to review.  Because this is a broad document with legal force to a prescribed format, the draft document is approximately 80 pages in length and is supported by further draft documents containing appendices, evidence and maps.  If Bramley does not generate its own Neighbourhood Plan then many planning decisions affecting the Parish will be governed by the Waverley Local Plan, which although a thorough document lacks the level of local input that a Neighbourhood plan provides.


The Neighbourhood Plan is a significant, important document that will, substantially, affect how Bramley develops in the period to 2032.  It has the legal force to strongly influence development.  Bramley does not need to produce this document, but then the decisions will be taken outside Bramley by Waverley or Surrey.  Having a Neighbourhood Plan places greater control of the decisions within Bramley.  If you can spare the time to review the documents and give your thoughts, however long or brief, please do so.