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Bramley Parish Council


Traveller incursion at Gosden Common

On the evening of Friday 29th June, 6 touring caravans set up camp on Gosden Common.  Surrey Police attended the scene and Bramley Parish Council (BPC) were notified.  Overnight on Monday 2nd July, a further 12 caravans arrived on the common.

On Monday 2nd July, BPC requested support from Waverley Borough Council (WBC) who provided the travellers with litter bins and served the travellers in the original 6 caravans with a Notice to Leave. 

On Tuesday 3rd July, WBC carried out regulatory welfare checks on all the travellers and served those in the newly-arrived caravans with a Notice to Leave. 

Should all the travellers not leave Gosden Common, they will all be issued with a summons to appear in Court on Wednesday 4th July.  If this hearing is contested, the case may be adjourned in order to allow time to hear all the evidence.  However, if the Court is satisfied that the correct  procedures have been followed the Order will be granted immediately.  After 24 hours have elapsed, WBC will arrange for the immediate removal of the caravans and those who reside in them.

Once the incident is resolved, the Parish Council will review lessons as a matter of urgency and take appropriate follow-up steps.

If you have any particular concerns, or would like to discuss the situation, please contact Kathy Victor, the Parish Clerk at [email protected] or 07976 290211.

We will keep this page updated with any developments as they occur.

4th July 2018

All of the travellers left Gosden Common at lunchtime today.  There is a significant amount of litter and other debris that has been left behind and Waverley Borough Council has commenced a major clean-up.  Whilst this is going on we would advise caution when walking around the common as there is lots of areas of broken glass.  

The Parish Council is arranging for the wooden posts to be concreted into the ground so that more travellers are not able to easily access the common in the immediate future.  Further discussions on the security of the common will be held in the coming weeks.

The support and assistance from officers at Waverley Borough Council during this trying time has been exceptional.


Page last updated: 14:30 on 4th July 2018